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Standard vs Business and toolbox


A client of mine is considering Simple Help for his helpdesk functions. Normally, I would say a 1 or 2 seat license of Standard would suffice for him. But thinking a little deeper for him, I see where some Business features would come in handy, mostly in the context of Toolbox. There are probably 80 or so computers on a wide area LAN.
Any thoughts on how just a few licenses might interfere with any functionality? Anything a larger seat license would help with?


Productivity is all. How many simultaneous connections to have. I assume you won’t have lots of people calling with a computer issue at once.

I’d start with one license. And go from there.


Thanks, Bryan. But that wasn’t my question. I already run my own SH server to support my client base. I only use Standard for our purposes. I’m under the impression Business might have usefulness in a private network like my client’s for automating maintenance and administrative tasks. Looking for input on that aspect


Maybe George @gchristelis can point to a comparison chart, or provide one on the website later?

The business license should provide the ability to run custom tools and scripts with automatically shared resources on client machines on multiple machines at once, instead of just one at a time with the standard version.

You can also schedule automatic scripts and set custom alerts

App tunnels are super helpful as well.

George may be able to show more differences


Are there any examples of tools/scripts/alerts you might elaborate on? This was probably more of the input I was looking for. Thanks


The tools/scripts are something you make on your own. This is available in both the stand and business versions. You can see some we have shared here:

The difference is, the business version allows you to select and execute the script on multiple machines at once, instead of individually. The Guide calls them Batch tool runs.

Only “Simplehelp Server” alerts are available in the standard version. An example would be to send an alert on failed simplehelp login.

The machine alerts are only available in the business version.
A machine alert would be, sending an alert if the hard drive of a client machine is failing. - this is part of the monitoring and alerting function in the business license. Windows service failure, etc.

Look here:


Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you.