Standard vs Business

Hi. We have a SH server setup with a Standard license and are considering upgrading to Business. Is there anyone in the community using Business that would care to take a few minutes to show me their uses of the alerting, monitoring and other features of it?
Thanks in advance



I currently use the scheduled tool runs and alerts, I mostly have alert triggers for space consumption and sustained high cpu usage I’ve written in PowerShell and bash. It’s pretty useful if you already have a framework for what you want to monitor. I do manage alot of Linux hosts, and a few Windows hosts so I might not be the best to use as a metric.

I don’t use Simple-Help for server monitoring, I actually use Zabbix predominately for that. This is mostly for workstation/desktop monitoring. It’s also used for remote support, scripting out common things is quite handy to cut down support ticket times.

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