Suddenly OS X Users (10.14.5) Cannot Connect

I’ve been using SimpleHelp for several years now, and out of the blue this morning my OS X clients are unable to connect to our server. I suspect there was a change with either app signing / notarization with the latest OS X, but I don’t have a lot to go on.

Anyone else seeing problems with OS X users?

I’ve filed a ticket with SimpleHelp’s system, but I REALLY need this fixed today if at all possible. Hoping someone has some insight.


I’d raise a support ticket as not sure how often SimpleHelp tech read here…

Yeah, I did that before I even posted. They are in the UK and I’m in the US, so I usually don’t hear from them until the next day at the earliest.

You or your client needs to enable Accessibility on macOS 10.14 “Mojave”.

Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy

  1. Click the Privacy tab
  2. Select Accessibility from the list
  3. Click the lock icon to make changes
  4. Check the box next to SimpleHelp app

If you don’t see the app you’re trying to authorize, you can add them by using the [+] button or simply drag the app from Finder and drop it onto the Accessibility list.

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