Support for network devices like SAN's NAS's IP Cams, Routers etc

I have not tried this before but does Simple Help work on other network appliances? I assume it can if you enable SSH and the device runs linux but did know if there were any plans to be able to remote manage thigs like Synology etc.

PS. Maybe if not there is a way to setup a temporary remote access VPN to the clients LAN on the fly within the SimpleHelp session. So we can access the network device without having to pull up a browser on an end users computer.

Just an idea.

Thanks al!

It can. You have to use the Tunnel Connection feature.

User post about it, last entry has some detailed information.

SimpleHelp article on the feature.

This works well from what I have used it for.

Effectively you hit localhost on whatever port it gives you in a webbrowser(ie https://localhost:3019/, and that is your remote device while the tunnel is connected.

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Thank you for the information!