Switch Monitoring

How are you guys monitoring switches? Ping monitoring?


Currently I use a product called PowerAdmin ServerMonitor to monitor servers , switches, printers, etc.
I use SimpleHelp to facilitate access to server, and equipment to run commands on them.

I wonder though if we could run some monitoring of switches though through a server using Simplehelp?
Not sure. Currently though Like I said, I use separate products.

Anyone have more info on this?

Let’s give this post some new life… I think it’s a phenomenal idea (though I get this elsewhere currently) I’d love to be able to see some simple info in groups on switches, printers or iOT devices even if it’s not remote access).

As long as you have a simple help client on the same network, you could do it via a PowerShell script. Either toolbox or alert. I saw this but haven’t tried it yet.

Someone wanna give it go? :slight_smile: