Symantec / Norton

Customers that have Norton/Symantec receive a warning from Norton’s File Insight stating that the file was released less than a week ago and there is not enough information or number of users using the software to be “Proven” when attempting to download/install the customer client.

They are unable to bypass even when telling Norton to trust the file.

They even go into their downloads folder and run from there with the same result.

Has anyone been able to get around this?

Please advise.

You need to temporarily disable norton for this sort of thing to work. Occasionally we have problems with clients using such antiviruses.

Ultimate recommendation: if they’re your clients, stop them using Norton! We’ve had a lot of problems in the past with Norton and false positives.


I have had a previous version running for years and only updated recently due to the server 2008 end of life. Norton never complained about the installation files on the older version.

It seems that SimpleHelp could submit a dispute to Norton to alleviate this.

I just did this using this link:

We will see what happens.

SimpleHelp devs in the past have registered and submited to AV companys to get whitelisted.
Might want to send in a support ticket letting them know what happens.

Just submit your custom version to Norton, they’ll approve it readily enough.

Had similar issue with Norton LifeLock today, client was unable to run file as it was immediately removed by Norton.

Update… I found that even if you allow the executable through Symantec, the application will still not run if they had an older client installed already from a past version of SimpleHelp. I found that I needed to delete any folders named “JWrapper-SimpleHelp” within the user’s Appdata\Roaming folder. I also had to delete any folders starting with “Simplehelp” within the ProgramData folder. After this, the executable was able to run.