Technician Access on MacOs Ventura

Since I installed Ventura on my Mac I can no longer run “SimpleHelp Technician”. The application launches but the window does not appear.
By right clicking on the icon located in the Dock I have a few options but nothing helps. Does anyone have a solution for me?
Thanks a lot.
Version of Simple Help Server 5.2

Just upgraded one of my systems last night, had not tested it until I saw this post… Same issue. Running 5.3.8

Have it running fine with no special tricks on macbook air with ventura. Running latest 5 4.5 version.

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Yes i have the same issue, on Windows 11 it is fine, but on Mac Ventura 13.0.1 and SH running 5.4.5 technician console wont find the server
M1 apple silicon

Can everyone seeing this issue locate the Technician logs folder ( /opt/JWrapper-Remote Access/logs ) and send a .zip copy to and detail the symptoms you’re encountering and steps I might take to replicate it (our Venturas are behaving themselves, so I suspect there’s a missing variable).

As a gentle reminder; this community is not monitored as frequently as the support mailbox so that should always be your first port of call. Do feel free to post on both, however.

I’m running SH version 5.4.3 and Ventura 13.1 and all is good here.

I would report the general issue to support, but to resolve the issue you can just do a clean installation of the SimpleHelp Technician client. Just go to ~/Library/Application Support and remove the JWrapper-SimpleHelp Technician folder. The re-install the SimpleHelp Technician Client and it will probably fix everything. I have to re-install mine every so often, this just get wonky on the MacOS platform with the Technician Client.

Hope this helps you out!

Need to upgrade SimpleHelp. Had the same issue on the 5.2 release. Had to delete the preferences folder every time I launched it. No issue on 5.4.

I’m guessing it has something to do with security changes in Ventura checking to see if the app has been tampered with at launch; but that’s only a guess.