Technician installation path

The standard technician install puts the program in the following folder:

%APPDATA%\JWrapper-SimpleHelp Technician\JWrapper-Windows64JRE-00063527368-complete\bin

Is there anyway to install it in the more traditional “C:\Program Files” structure so it’s available for everyone who uses the computer?

Also, is it possible to automate update?

Pretty sure that Technician checks its “home server” for a version upgrade.
It will run the appropriate version for the server that it connects to.

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Hi @Rob_Nicholson,

You are correct that the technician program installs itself into the current users %appdata% folder. This seems to be by design though as in a shared computer situation that means that the other users do not have any access (or even knowledge) that the “Technician” program is installed, and so cannot bang on it or try to access it. Technician is tied to one server, so this would also allow different users to use a Technician instance that is tied to different servers. This is different than the persistent “access” program that installs into the “%programdata%\jwrapper-remote access” folder and is available for all users (that are admin on the machine) to access and change.

As for the updating - every time that the Technician program runs it checks into the server to see if there are updates, and if so updates itself automatically at that time (the server version and technician version are always on the same version). If you are talking about the automatic updating of the server component you could script it to check and see if there is a newer version and if so to download and install that version, but it is not built in.

Hope that helps.