Technician support on their phone

Has anyone had experience with using their phone to support someone on a windows machine? Setup and usage wise? Looking into it but I do not know if it is worth it to open up the services on the machine.

Thank you

Very occasional usage of this tool, but it has bailed me out in some situations. Setup is relatively easy, just need https services setup properly for Simple-Help. Usage is something I find most useful for screen sharing. Doing involved work can be a bit challenging depending on you phone screen size. If you are concerned with security, I would advise that MFA also works for mobile connectivity.

Honestly I do not care to use the mobile site. The navigation is clunky the keyboard is awful. I use a vpn client and the Microsoft’s excellent RD client to access my primary device and use the regular technician console that way.

Same here although phone is usually too small screen. Okay on my 8" tablet though.