This file is dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it

We’re getting this message when trying to download the technician client from our Simple-Help server.

We’re using our own Let’s Encrypt SSL cert and it’s validated.

This problem does not seem to be happening for the customer client (which is good).

Disabling Safe Browsing in Chrome allows the download to proceed.


If I remember correctly, when safebrowsing is enabled chrome blocks all executables by default. I belive if you press the little up arrow to the right of the discard button, it will show options and you can tell it its safe. But I think this is the normal actions for chrome safe browsing.

It’s not all executables because I was able to download the customer access file without the warning. There is also no way to tell it that this particular download is safe. It’s just a “learn more” link which brings you to a help article talking about safe browsing.

Interesting. I should have tested that before I wrote it.
Odd, because I am testing it now and its not blocking it for me. Maybe test another computer with no chrome extensions?

My initial tests were from multiple computers. I just tested again on a freshly updated version of Chrome and was able to reproduce the problem.

Make sure the Safe Browsing setting is set to Standard. Make sure you’re downloading the technician online file. If you’re prompted for a location to save the file, pick a location and try to start the download. The error doesn’t occur until you pick the save as location.

I’m just spitballing because I have no idea how this works behind the scenes, but was the customer access file sent in anywhere (A/V companies, Google, etc) to say ‘Yo, this is legit don’t flag it.’ ? If so, I’m going to take a guess that the technician access file was not.

Not sure. I cant reproduce this. Sorry. Doesn’t look like I am much use.
I tested with 2 different simplehelp installs. One with a purchased cert and a Let’s Encrypt SSL cert.

Very Curious about what is different that yours flags and both of mine doesn’t.

I know you said that you tried from multiple computers, are they all using the same av, or some extension that could be flagging the download? Also have you checked Google Webmaster tools, it may have flagged your help.thecomputerdoctor… site as possibly malicious and therefore may be performing extra scrutiny on it.

… just some thoughts.