Time of Day as an Alert Trigger Condition?

Looking for a way to limit certain monitoring alerts to only trigger between certain hours. As an example, we want to get alerts if a server has unusually high prolonged CPU usage during business hours, but the alerts are triggering nightly while the servers are running CPU intensive backup/compression operations.

It seems like having a simple trigger condition of “Time” would be such a helpful addition to the software…unless I’m missing something and there’s another way to do it. Does anyone have an idea?

Thats a good idea. The only way I can think of is creating a toolbox that returns the time then add that to your alerts. I dont know if it would work or not the way you want though.

I do like the option to add a time condition. I would submit it to support as a feature request. I can see it being very useful.

Thanks! Feature request: submitted!

Was taking a look at this, and alerts have the ability to have “and” or “or” for additional triggers.

What if you had a second trigger that was an “and” that ran a simple powershell script that checked if time was between x and x, you then have the ability to have that condition true on whether it exits on a 0 or 1

That way if the cpu was above your threshold, but it wasn’t the right time then both things would not be true and it wouldn’t trigger.

Anyway, just a thought.