Toolbox - Recover status and file

I have a lot of toolbox running powershell scripts on over +400 remote endpoint. As many of the clients are offsite i use Azure Blob Storage url to download files locally.

Then i would install a MSI logging to the local c:\install-computername.log

Im looking for a solution to recover all theses 400 files.
Could also be usefull to recover remote registry keys.

The toolbox is awesome but how to consolidate results?

I was thinking of having a function in a script to write back to azure DB or Azure sql as the clients aren’t local but the if the toolbox could recover to the simplehelp server that would be a lot better.

Yes i could create an alert based on a local file existance but sometime its the value in a CSV format that is more usefull or the log itself

So the only thing i found to re-upload to Azure Blob is the following invoke-restmethod:

Very usefull when ALL endpoint are Windows 7 + Powershell 5.1 we all know lots of organisation still have Windows 7… and some XP.

Food for thought…

Any ideas.


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