Ubuntu 18.04 Remote Access Blank screen

Hi, I have an Ubuntu 18.04 install that I need to be able to access via Simple Help. I have the Remote Access install completed and the service is started, however all I get is a blank screen. I do have access to the terminal and file transfer works as usual, just no display. Any ideas?

If you are using Wayland on the Ubuntu machine try requesting to be switched to xorg.

I switched to xorg, but it still is a black screen… Any other ideas?

I just tested and get the black screen if the remote machine is logged using any other option besides plain Ubuntu. There are options for gnome with wayland or xorg. Now it only works without those options.

Thank you @Joao_Ferreira - Do you mean that it’s a Simple-help issue rather than an Ubuntu configuration issue? Should I reach out to Simple-Help support?

It is mostly because of the graphical managers that Linux offers and it’s lack of consistency. Simplehelp developers can find a way around it but till there is a standard it is going to be hard to keep up with changes. That way window managers deal with the graphics driver gives result to this issue. I am a Linux advocate and heavy user but I accept that due to Linux rapid growth … We are now suffering the growing pains… I hope this helps. Solutions: Linux mint interfaces are stable and can installed on almost any Linux variant.

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