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Ubuntu 20.04 no Gui


I was able to get SimpleHelp agent to install once I selected Ubuntu Desktop minimal image, server core would not take the agent. However after the system rebooted the agent only provides me with console, i’ve tried logging into the Desktop, gui is up but returning to the SH console I can only connect via terminal. Any ideas/workarounds?



I have this same problem.


Note sure if it was 20.04 or 21.x, but if I recall correctly this has something to do with Wayland.

I believe Support told me to use the FULL INSTALL and when I did it worked after I rebooted?


I have 22.04 install and have tried Full Install on both and can only get terminal when I connect is there something I am missing?


We’ve been running into this for a good long while, still running into it with 22.04. Anyone with any success on this?


The simple answer is to upgrade to the current version of SimpleHelp which allows for Wayland displays (v5.4). That should resolve your issue, as it has for me in places where Wayland is used. If you’re out of a support contract - it’s a really good reason to renew it. This is a big update if you have Linux clients out there as the other workarounds are super janky and unreliable.

While on the topic of displays not coming up… I had a “similar” issue tonight. I just did a fresh install of 22.04 LTS and ran into one minor issue, which could entirely be my fault. Initially I downloaded the remote support agent, unpacked it, and launched it from the GUI. I went to access via my server and got a grey screen - couldn’t do a thing (and, nothing on the remote host screen indicating anything had changed).

I then tried to launch it using the CLI commands and this time it took a second once I connected to it from my server, but once “optimizing connection” completed, the remote screen got a secondary security popup to allow the remote viewing of the screen. Once that was accepted, I could see the desktop & control. However, when trying to install the remote access service, the user was prompted for their password as another layer of security. That was complete and the remote access agent is now installed. Entirely possible I didn’t wait long enough the first time around and I’m simply an impatient man.

As for the additional layers of security on the host side - I suppose this works a lot like MacOS forcing the user to confirm letting their guard down to certain applications. From the “Remote Assistance” standpoint it’s another hurdle to get the client connected, but from a security standpoint I 100% support these additional measures as the user should be aware of what they’re granting to their device in all transparency.

I think this issue (of Wayland display issues) can safely be closed now :slight_smile:


Nope. Just had a client upgrade to 22.04 and lost display access even though I am on 5.4.7.

Uninstalled and reinstalled the remote assistance and so far nothing, and it has been an hour already.

A bit of dealbreaker for me, as I thought wayland support was already built in.


Just tested it against my laptop Debian 12 (testing) with Gnome Wayland and still no display connection.

Installed it with the offline package on the command line, waited 5 mins, removed the service, installed via the desktop GUI. Waited 5 mins. Still no display.


I think it’s an OS security related issue. If you just connect using your SH one time connection option and use the full installer. When simple help tries to connect you will see a permission window pop up on your Ubuntu machine asking if you want to approve sharing of the screen. You need to be quick before simple help times out. But if you click on share, you will get full access. I just don’t have the skills required to figure out how to make the ACCESS version work. But I’m sure it’s just a setting.