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UDP Not Working After Upgrade to 5.4.3



Remote hosts went offline and failed to connect via UDP after I upgraded to 5.4.3. Remote hosts using http setting were still online.


I rolled back to 5.4.2 and the UDP connection worked again.

Anybody else seeing this issue?

Thank you.


I have not seen this on 5.4.3, yet… Still appears to be connecting via Direct UDP so far.




The yellow warning icon appears on UDP registrations in the configurer when the service can connect via UDP but not HTTPS (click More Details or hover over the address line):

I’m not sure that’s intended behaviour however, so I’m going to check with George presently.


Just read this topic. Sound very similar to the problem I’ve just reported.


I too am having this issue.


Upgraded to 5.4.4 and working fine so far.


I’m running into this after just upgrading to 5.4.7, did any of you find resolution to this issue? A number of machines are configured with udp only (not sure why they aren’t all configured the same way, as the way we deploy hasn’t changed), and those are now inaccessible.


I need to just post things as soon as I find issues; I always figure it out right away when I do :slight_smile:
Stupid resolution, turn it off and on again.