Unable to connect to one computer

Still got one computer in v5.3.4 that I’m unable to connect it. I either get the lock screen or more often, a black screen. Won’t respond to input or sending Alt-Ctrl-Del. I happen to have access to this computer via RemotePC as well - that works fine. I’ll raise a ticket.

Curious how this works out for you. We’ve not made the jump into 5.3.x yet. Still on 5.2.16 and 1 PC will not connect

5.3.4 seems pretty stable aside from not been able to connect to this one computer - out of about 200 so it’s a rare problem.

I am having the exact same issue, on only one machine. I think its some sort of video driver issue, as it happened right after a dell command update.

It was the video driver. Had to reinstall it, resolved the issue.

Video driver on the client PC or technician PC?

Oh geez! Rob, sorry I missed your reply. Client side video driver.

No problem - fortunately not had to connect to it…