Unable to Control Desktop After Transferring File to Remote Host


I upgraded my server to 5.4.1. Upgrade went fine without any problems.

However, when I connect to a remote host, select File Transfer Mode and go back to the remote session , I cannot control the desktop anymore. I had to disconnect and reconnect in order to access it again. I already rebooted the host but problem persists, Anybody experiencing the same issue?

Thank you.

I had this issue with the 5.4 beta.
But since I‘ve upgraded to the final release it seems to work fine again.

Thanks for the reply.
I upgraded from 5.3.7 to 5.4 first, then to 5.4.1. Did not notice this problem in 5.4.

Just tested this and found the same. Started in remote view, swapped to file transfer and back, then no control of the system until reconnecting. The mouse would appear to react to fields. The Windows 10 search bar would show a text input cursor but would not register any mouse clicks. Tried it a couple of times and it looked like the mouse was stuck over an icon at least once. Did the same test but had already clicked in the search bar and there was no keyboard input either. Reconnecting with the cogwheel in the same session makes it work again. Come to think of it, I have had to reconnect several other times for an unknown reason when starting the remote control that had no screen.

Debian 11 server / Fedora 36 Technician / Windows 10 clients / SimpleHelp 5.4.1

I just downloaded and installed 5.4.2 and the issue has been fixed.

I was going to install 5.4.2 today, but the digital signature was invalid! Corrupted upload maybe.

I am having a similar issue with 5.4.2.

I upgraded from 5.3.7 and now I can’t remote control any computer unless I manually install the new version.

and this… after approx. 15 to 20 minutes.

Any help or suggestions?


FYI… I reverted back to 5.3.7 … 5.4.2… is not ready, IMO

If your clients are still on 5.3.7 then it won’t connect.

Did you try to force update the clients. I normally go through the list of all my clients and force the update by enabling ‘Queued Actions - Auto Restart’

This version is buggy though.

I’ve had an email off George today, they are releasing Version 5.4.3 Tomorrow hopefully this will fix some of the issues people are having.