Unit of Measure used on Statuspage

What measurement of time is used on Simple Help http:///statuspage

In particular what units of measurement are used for:
Average Queue Time
Last Queue Time
Average Session Duration
Last Session Duration

For Example Here is the StatusPage from the Admin Guide
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <simplehelp_metrics version="3.11" builddate="20111020-110852"> <technician_metrics> <metric id="tech_logged_in" name="Technicians Logged In" value="3"/> <metric id="tech_in_session" name="Technicians In Session" value="2"/> <metric id="tech_in_remote_session" name="Technicians In Remote Session" value="1"/> </technician_metrics> <customer_metrics> <metric id="cust_logged_in" name="Customers Logged In" value="2"/> <metric id="cust_in_session" name="Customers In Session" value="2"/> <metric id="cust_waiting" name="Customers Waiting" value="0"/> </customer_metrics> <server_metrics> <metric id="server_max_sessions" name="Server Maximum Sessions" value="10"/> <metric id="server_average_queue_time" name="Average Queue Time" value="26516"/> <metric id="server_last_queue_time" name="Last Queue Time" value="26516"/> <metric id="server_average_session_time" name="Average Session Duration" value="58704"/> <metric id="server_last_session_time" name="Last Session Duration" value="58704"/> </server_metrics> </simplehelp_metrics>


Just found out… the unit of measure is milliseconds.