Upgrade from 4.4 to 5.1 - Remote hots remain offline

Hello everybody!
We recently migrate the server from 4.4 to 5.1 and most of our remote hosts went off-line; only a bunch of them looks like to be online (not all are accessible).
Three hours passed and things still remain the same: 12 remote hosts saying they are updating, a couple of them accessible… and more then 200 hosts are off line.

Server 4.4 was running on Windows 7 while Server 5.1 is running on a virtualized Centos 7.

We have no clue about this, so we would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,

If you followed the migration steps ( https://simple-help.com/server-migration-guide )correctly and you can see all the machines, then you can have your firewall blocking the updates as the simplehelp server will issue the uploads to each machine. The VM can be miss-configured too. Is the VM inside of a Windows machine?
When you Perform a Server Health Check (under the Administration tab), does it pass with flying colors? You should see 3 green flags after a successful test.

Hi Joao!
Thanks for you reply… I messaged you back by mail with several screnshots.
Basically, I ran the sanity check and I got a red flag in “Ports”; however I don’t know what the red flag stans for ecause I’m binding all IPs to 8008… I wasn’t expecting a red flag. Do I have to reroute in someway the requests?. I’m pretty confused.

112 machines online of 946, most of them with Windows, and almost all in “update status”.
VM is running on Centos too… but I’ve checked the configuration and it’s okay.

I don’t know what to do :confused:

Somehow I didn’t receive any email from you but lets work on it. If you get the red flag, is it the Public Accessibility, Ports of Public IP Address? Are you using both port 80 and 443 for the ports? you should. then be sure you can reach the vm from inside of your network. Connect to the simplehelp (local) page and download the client version into a workstation. Then be sure if finds connects to the server. If it works and you can remote control the new client, then you have a firewall or port forwarding issue. Please let me know of these details.

The workaround I found is to execute offline support in the remotes machines, take remote control, uninstall the service and then reinstall it; after that the remote host appears online. Is not the best solution, but works enough.
I guess there is a server “trust” related issue… most of the host running on Microsoft Windows are online (updating… but online) and most of the host running on Centos are offline.

I don’t think there is a port issue; otherwise no host should be able to reach the server.

I agree, however if the test shows a red flag it will bring up similar issues. If the server changed to a different public ip address can be an issue too. Please be sure no red flags show. If you let me know of the red flag showing we can work it. BTW, good job finding the workaround!


Well, the admin opened up udp port and… most of of the clients started to connect :smiley:

That was it! Great detective work!

Are you saying that you did this on hundreds of machines? We are having the exact same issues as you guys - only some machines came back online (4.1 to 5.1).

Ports are open: tcp/udp 80, and tcp/udp 443. DNS name has not changed, clients DNS tables are also updated, and can manually contact the server.

Are any other ports needing to be open? I’m guess not since some machines are online. I’m not going to be very happy if I have to manually install the client on 100+ machines that haven’t reported in yet.