Upgrade path from v4.1

Hello everyone. I have a SimpleHelp 4.1 installation that has been in service since about 2013. The server it is on is going to be replaced and I figure it would be a great time to get more current with our remote access software. I read that I should upgrade to 4.2 first. Is this as easy as just downloading 4.2 and running setup? And after I upgrade, will clients automatically upgrade when they poll the server? Or does a technician have to initiate that?

It looks like the next step is v4.4 before I upgrade to 5.0.20. At this point, I’d like to move the installation to a new piece of hardware and it looks like I just need to copy the configuration folder to the new server. What happens to clients that are offline and still on v4.1 and then connect after I’ve upgraded a couple of versions ahead? Will they still update?

Can I upgrade the server to 5.4.10 from 5.0.20?

Any tips and tricks would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hi Daren,

This is a question best emailed to support via the contact page. They will be able to provide the best advice. What you could do if you wanted to play it safe is backup your Simple Help directory to another location. Then try and upgrade straight from your current version to the latest but only upgrade one client as it usually asks you to upgrade the clients after each update, I don’t think it does it automatically but you’d have to ask support on that one. This way worst case, you can rename the Simple Help folder on the latest version if it doesn’t work out to “Simple Help.old” and copy your backup folder back if it doesn’t go to plan? hope this makes sense?