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Using ports other than 80


We have been running SimpleHelp on port 80/443 for a few years. Now we need these ports on our network for other uses. So I changed the server configuration to bind to port 8008, and migrated to all remote machines to use port 8008. Now technicians are unable to connect, and all machines are offline. Must SimpleHelp use ports 80/443.


No, but there are a few things to consider, and you must migrate the clients to use the new port.

For now, add all 3 ports with a comma separating them. 80,443,8080
That will give you access back to all clients.

Then decide what you want to do. Do you want to move ALL clients to 8080? or just a few?
You will need to update their connection string.

I cant remember atm, but I think there was also a caveat if you were using a lets encrypt ssl cert.


Found it in the guide. How to bind ports:

Let’s Encrypt will validate the domain name entered, so it must match the address of the SimpleHelp server, and must be publicly accessible on port 80.

I would recommend reading that guide on server ports above as well as the migration guide:

Although your technically using the same ip or address, the url will change if your using a new port. So the technician app will need to be re-downloaded as stated in the guide. The client connection url will need to be updated to include the new port.


Thanks Darrell, great help, I will try this next week and post here if I get stranded :slight_smile: