Version 5.3 settings view and mobile app

After the installation of version 5.3, some settings look like beta.


Do someone else have this problems?

How does the new mobile support works?

Please help.
Thank you.

That seems to be fixed if you download the server package again. It looks like they uploaded an older beta version accidentally (I don’t have confirmation of that, it’s just what I think happened).

And I haven’t a clue how the mobile app works because there’s no app in the App Store, It just says “testing” when you try and start a session on a mobile


Thank you for the tip. With the newer version it looks better.

Same on the Mobile, can’t find an app and it is just stuck on testing, tried Android and IOS

I also have the issue with the mobile device (app store) but I think its also missing documentation. My server is registered for a code but there is nowhere to use it?

The first time I open the site with the mobile app it tried to open Paypal App?

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