Video Issues with latest version

Anyone has a solution for the latest issues with video we have with the 5.2 upgrade?
On all the machines we lost the login screen, password field, check mark and buttons. We can make those appear by clicking on their supposed positions but the issues still show after we login. Loading a session, the video shows artifacts. This is not a machine or OS issue as it works fine with older releases.
Started happening with last week’s update and today’s update still keeps the same issue. Besides that the system seems to be more responsive. All the workstations here run on Ubuntu 19.10 and no other problems.

We are experiencing the same problem with the Technician client on Ubuntu 19.10. In order to see if it was the OS, we tried on a Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktop with the same results. It is not the display drivers. A ticket has been submitted and I will post the results.

I contacted them yesterday and got a reply that they were going to test it and issue a fix. Lets hope it is quick. They are usually really quick and good at it. I’ve no complaints about their service.
I’ll let you know in case I’ve any news.

The interim solution has to be resize the window and the popups appear again until a new patch comes out.

Just tested the update that I believe will be made available asap. All working great now on all the platforms. To me it is amazing how quickly they respond to any issue.

I just received word that this will be corrected in 5.2.2 to be released 13 Feb 2020.