Virtual Machine firewall has to be open completely

We have our server running on a cloud server. We have to put a specific rule to allow any to any in order for our remote client application to communicate with the server. We have firewall rules specifically allowing tcp and udp ports 80 and 443. But we have to put another rule allowing the wan ip from the specific machine before it will connect to our server. Which sucks and some users move around so obviously the wan ip will change. Any other ports we need open that we are missing??

I’m a little unclear on where you are referencing the firewall access rules. Are you talking about on the SimpleHelp server side? If so, then you need to open the appropriate ports from the appropriate source networks. This guide has the info:

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Yes, as @Trey_Thompson mentioned check that guide out. It sounds like the firewall isn’t configured correctly as those of us that run servers here certainly do not have our firewalls fully open. Here’s the rules from our server…

I have mine running on

I haven’t had to configure ports. I believe it goes through all the checks on boot.

I am assuming HTTP/S ports for web access to the downloads

SSH for client access.

@Bryan_Stewart seems strange that you wouldn’t have to configure ports. I’d be more worried that the reason you haven’t had to configure anything is that there is no firewall. You may want to check on that.

Good catch! Assumption makes… you know.

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