W10-LTSC vs Debian 10 (Proxmox) VM

I see Simple-Help supports using Windows or Linux as a as server. It makes little difference to me whether we use W10 or Linux to host our server.

Does one seem to work better than the other. If we use Linux it will be in its own dedicated VM, if W10, it will be on a robust box with ScreenConnect & a lightly used fax server.

We have 500 endpoints.

I am curious which is likely to provide better performance and receive long term support from the SH developers.


I have been using Simple-Help Server on both platforms for years. I am running about 2500 endpoints.
The actual server process I haven’t had issues with. The only issue I have had server wise is when windows would run automatic updates and get stuck pending reboot. Just schedule your automatic reboots. Its personal preference in my opinion what you want to use. If you going to run it on the same platform as screenconnect, make sure your install does not use the same ports. Personally I would spin up a separate linux vm and use the simple-help update scripts provided in Simple-Helps KB support articles.

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big believer in keeping critical things on their own box (virtual or physical). If you need it up you don’t need to be worrying about did screenconnect, or some malicious fax, or something else cause it to go down. We are partial to linux on anything that supports it (and SH has supported linux as the server since we started with them 6 years ago). We run 1400 endpoints (about 800-900 active at any time) and the server is currently using 1.1GB RAM

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