Wayland support

Just wondering if SH will eventually support Linux computers using Wayland.

Hi Curtis,

Welcome and thanks for posting :slight_smile:

We would like to support Wayland if possible. The last time we looked into it, which was probably around the time it was included as the default in Ubuntu (before it was switched out again if I remember correctly), it didn’t have any support for screen capture for security reasons.

Hopefully this is going to be built at some point and then we can look into supporting it.



@Antony is there any further update regarding Wayland support. Now both Ubuntu and Debian use it as default, and would be great if SH would/could support it.

At moment all installs I do I have to make sure to change the greeter and default desktop to not use Wayland. If any of the users changes that back I won’t be able to assist remotely.

Coincidentally, I just ran into this today as well. It would be nice if SH could take another look at Wayland support.

We have looked at wayland support and it is going to be offered as part of remote support (but not remote access) in a release to be out soon. We will consider working towards remote access as well later.