Ways To Simplify Mac Remote Support Install?

Is there a way to cut down the amount of steps necessary for a customer to install the Remote Support utility on their Mac?

Perhaps I have missed a step in the server configurations, but at present it seems that a Mac user must do the following steps:

  1. Download the .dmg
  2. Open the .dmg
  3. Then a prompt appears that requires them to drag (and I presume move) the file to Applications
  4. Next the user opens Applications
  5. Then the customer opens Remote Support
  6. On Mojave - modify their privacy settings

I realize that there is now way around the first or sixth steps. However, on a Windows machine the user downloads the Remote Support application and opens it. Aside from security prompts they are generally up and running once they open it. They are not required to move any files, or open up different locations. I see that it adds a Remote Support icon to there desktop, but this seems to do nothing.

Is there something that can be done to decrease the amount of steps needed to install the Mac version?

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Our clients download the dmg and run it, after it mounts on the desktop then they execute the application. After we connect we can install the persistent connection or not. Nothing else is done by the client.
I hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply.

Forgive my ignorance of Macs here. It seems that all I need to tell the user to do is double-click on the Remote Support icon when the application install prompt comes up. This may have been glaringly obvious to a Mac user, but I am not one of them.


Thanks again for the reply. Hopefully the topic can help someone else down the line that is as unfamiliar with Macs as I am… or perhaps it will just give avid Mac users a good justification to face-palm.

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Remote Access goes through those installer steps. Remote Support is a click to run. Once you are connected with the support session, you can push the installer for the Access client though the tech console.
Since we are using this solely in house, we use JAMF to push the Access client out to users silently.

Hey @Mark_Mahacek We use Mosyle as opposed to JAMF but was wondering what your process was to get the installer working? Thanks!