Weird Problems with MAC OS (blank top menu; blank folders, red app windows...)

I am having a few weird issues with some mac computers, as follows:

1 - Login screen flickers between blank and viewable, to interact you have to click where the user icon should be;
2 - Once logged in the top Mac OS menu is totally blank;
3 - Opening some apps or prefs. result in totally red application windows;
4 - Any Mac OS Pop-up notice (such as asking for admin password) are totally blank, clicking where the buttons are supposed to be permits interaction.

Client Computers: Macs running High Sierra.
SH server version:5.1.6

Has anyone had this problem? Any known way to resolve this? This does not seem to be a SH server version thing as it has been ongoing forcing me to use other means to manage said macs…

Thanks for looking.


P.:S Is there a way to post a screenshot here?


No worries. I’ve just tested a fix they so quickly came up with. The improvements are amazing and the performance is very noticeable. Please understand that to have cross platform solutions… like this one, is not easy and they are doing really great keeping up with it. I’m sure they will make it available asap for update. Best regards

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