Why isn't this alert working?

I also own ScreenConnect and use it equally with SH. I decided to make an alert so, if the SC service wasn’t running, to run it. Simple enough, right?

Trigger: Process:ScreenConnect.ClientService.exe is not running
Reset: Process:ScreenConnect.ClientService.exe is running
Machines: All
Trigger Action: Run Toolbox Tool (Start ScreenConnect).
Reset Action: None

The toolbox is just net start “ScreenConnect Client (xx12312312312312)”.

As a test, on my own machine, I stopped the service and killed the exe. Nothing.
I’d also tried Trigger Action: run command of the same net start (on each status change). Nothing.

I’m running an older version of SH (5.0.6) but I don’t think that should matter for what should be a simple task.

It does recognize that it’s not running on that machine but the action isn’t happening. If I run the toolbox on it manually or in a terminal, it works. It’s also MISidentifying a few other PCs that are showing up in the Screenconnect portal as online.

I’m also a ScreenConnect and SimpleHelp user.

I just set up an alert and toolbox to start the service via net start and it’s all worked okay (SH 5.2.10).

One thing I did differently is set the service as the trigger rather than the process. But if yours is alerting and it’s the toolbox doesn’t seem to run on the alert, switching this doesn’t sound like it’ll help as it’s not the trigger failing but the action.

I’m sure support can help, but maybe it’d be worthwhile restarting your SH instance?

The mini-PC compute-stick on which I host SH/SC reboots weekly but, yeah, I’d rebooted it as a just-in-case move.

The problem is twofold – it’s triggering on PCs that I know SC’s .exe is running on (e.g. my own main PC) and not running the action.
The toolbox works because I can run it manually on my PC via the SC software and it restarts the service just fine and fast.

5.0.6 doesn’t have an option for services but if the main .exe isn’t running, that should be enough for it to act on, right? If I stop the SC service on my PC, it also kills the .exe so it’s the same thing.