Window Position and Text Echo

Hi, I’ve had a nagging couple of issues that I can’t get past. Previously have opened a ticket, but none of the suggestions helped.
Issues: 1) I want to have a new session window open in the same size/position as the previous and 2) have text echoing on all the time. As many times as I option these in the User Session Interface, neither sets or remembers.
And this has carried through a fresh install with the newest version on a new server (absolutely nothing the same except the PC I am using. Have even fully uninstalled, cleaned directories and reinstalled on the PC. PC is a Win 10 Pro that has gone through several of the feature updates over the time of this issue.
Has anyone had a similar experience?

What version are you on? the New Version 5.2.11 uses tab for new sessions.

I’m on 5.2.11 with tabbed sessions disabled. Tabbing was useless for us, as frequently we’re working between two computers on the same ticket.

Looks like this might have been fixed in 5.2.12

  • [Bug] Fixed an issue causing windows to not open in their previous location when multiple monitors are being used.