Windows 10 Updates Killing simplehelp client

I believe I’m in the right spot but correct me if I’m wrong. We been experiencing issues where when the client’s pc gets a windows update not all updates the simple help client gets shut down. If you go into services and start service does not register with server. The only way to get it back to working is to have client go to our web site re-download on demand support and let us get in. we then reinstall the client software and life is good again. Usually when it happens, there is not time to try and analyze. The problem was there intermittently in 5.4.2 and seems to still be there in 5.4.10.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Have not seen that issue.
I have seen different antiviruses remove some clients though.

Thanks for reply. When it first started, I looked and found it appeared across several Virus scanners Norton, AVG, Windows Defender and Avirt. Recently a client we support, had numerous machine running only Windows Defender fall into this scenario, Working fine then windows update and reboot remote client lost. What I have noticed is that it only appears to affect systems that have to reboot after upgrade. I’m in the process of creating an alert that would let me know when any of our client systems disappear after “X” days.


I’ve not seen this either but I have had FIVE tickets raised since Tuesday by random clients about the Windows update failing. The last 2/3 monthly updates seem to have caused more problems than usual.

Hello, we there is a windows update to windows 10 which will not install due to insufficient space in the Recovery Partition. It requires manual intervention to resize the recovery partition. It’s non destructive to the primary partition, and allows the update to install. The update is and the directions for resizing the recovery partition are (not for end users) I hope this helps you, IDK if it has anything to do at all with the any
Simplehelp issue you are having.