Windows 11 compatibility with SH?

Hi All
As you all likely know, Microsoft releasing Windows 11 to the wild next week - Oct 5th 2021
We always have some early adopters amongst our client base.
Is there any expected issues that will occur with existing upgrades or new installs of Windows 11 and SH? Hoping to see at very least an update that will at least come out to identify SH version whether it be 21H1 or the newer Windows 11 builds (whatever that will be on the 5th Oct?)

Thanks in advance

I’ve been using windows 11 as both technician and client since the very first build of Windows 11 and have seen no issues what so ever running it other than SimpleHelp reporting the OS version incorrectly in the technician app.


Was just going to post the exact same on this discussion :joy:

I’ve also used it with every build, for technician, and multiple clients, and have had no issues.

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