Windows Defender quarantining many Simplehelp files

We have been running Simplehelp for many years and are generally happy with the system. In the last month Microsoft Defender has found a number of files to be malware:
Remote Access-windows32-offline.exe
Remote Work-windows32-offline.exe
Remote Support-windows32-offline.exe

I do not believe that these files are malware but I am also unwilling to exclude this directory from Defender scans. I just allowed defender to delete the files and that has not impacted the product at all so far. These files seem to exist in all SimpleHelp installations. I picked these up while running a weekly FULL defender scan on my servers. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I contacted support and their answer was for me to submit the files to Microsoft.

I have started to get false positives as clients try to download the remote support EXE in windows. Windows defender is quarantining the file.


I have not had any software yet on clients computer remove any parts of a simple-help install of Unattended Remote access yet. This is only going to get worse I feel as time goes on. I just go into defender and mark them as safe and redownload them. But trying to get a remote user who needs my help and cannot get to the remote support exe… that is a pain.

When we finally were able to get 5.4.11 installed that fixed our problems with Defender (At least for now). Previous versions were breaking our SSO as well and 5.4.11 also fixed that issue. If you have not, I would suggest you that you upgrade.

Interesting, I am on 4.4.10 and it tells me I am up to date… ok I will update it anyway.


I cannot find a 5.4.11 at all… where and how did you get it?

We got that version from support. They gave it to us really to solve a SSO issue but it also solved the defender issue as well. It was an internal release. I am sure they would share it with you.