Windows Firewall may be blocking connections

I get the message “Windows Firewall may be blocking connections to _____ on the server port” when I run the Check Server Installation function. I’m running V 5.2.7 on a PC running Widows 10.

I have had ports 80 & 43 forwarded to the static IP for my simple help server for years. I have a dns name registered with my name provider, which hasn’t changed. The name and IP haven’t changed in a while.

I usually have about 30 machines connected on the Access page - and now I have only a few, and I can’t connect to any of them.

I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed.

Sorry. I wish I could help. Windows Firewall is frustrating. Its consistently inconsistent. Make sure the firewall did not switch to public, private, domain. Make sure its running properly. Make sure the correct ip is being allowed with those ports. Make sure the firewall rules are running on the correct profile in use. And if all else fails, Reboot :slight_smile:

Thank you, Darrell. I have checked the IP and port forwarding and I have rebooted. I am beginning to suspect the problem may be with my Comcast Modem/Router. Looking into that now.

Did you disable windows firewall on the network profile, just to eliminate that?
Is your Comcast device still forwarding the ports through it’s firewall?

Let us know what you find. You got me curious. It may also help others here. :slight_smile:

My thanks to all who replied.

Even when I opened the Windows firewall completely, nothing was getting through. the only thing that seemed to permit traffic was a full reset of my Comcast modem/router, back to factory defaults.