Your license allows only X sessions

How do I make it release a license faster? It takes 12 seconds before they become available again. That is just if I want to switch computers. Windows also bumps the connection when logging in or changing users (on the controlled machine) which hasn’t been a problem before but now it says I am out of licenses and makes me reconnect again.

I can eventually get a connection in either case, but I spend a frustrating amount of time clicking reconnect.

A related problem is if the remote computer isn’t running well and you have to kill the connection the “license manager” can hold on even longer - I haven’t timed it but I believe it can be minutes before I can use the license for another machine.

We are seeing the same issue… seems to take forever…

If the remote computer has issues, I have had to manually terminate the session in the console to get the license back. You may want to bring your issues up with support. Maybe they can implement a fix of some sort. Remember the forum isnt actively monitored by devs. You should submit and feature requests and issues to support.

Asked support and they said this issue was introduced in 5.2.9 and it would be fixed somewhere after 5.2.11. Been a while now and I am still spending a bunch of time waiting for the license to be released as I bounce between machines. Just to be sure, this isn’t a session that I need to terminate and it happens between all sites with different connections and machines. 12 seconds doesn’t sound like much but do it 100 times a day and it becomes frustrating. I wouldn’t have added to this post if it hadn’t been over a month of dealing with it.

Fixed in 5.2.12 thanks

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