Anyone doing any Reporting?

Does anyone have any reporting tips? Products? Coming from Syncro, It would be great to be able to report on customers assets etc. Cheers

I too would be interested in reporting. I think Ryan_C_Smith was working on trying to come up with some kind of reporting. You might check with him.

We occasionally will run a hardware report for customers and then just strip out the additional columns. You can select all the machines you want a report for and then click the “Generate a Report” button. This button…

@Ryan_C_Smith put this together Integrate Scancircle with Simple Help. SC gives full stats

It’s an addition service cost, but looks like it works pretty well.

When a computer is offline on SH, you can’t get the details. This way I can look up details easy. It’s a great resource.

Off Topic. I just joined Syncro but I prefer using SimpleHelp for remote access vs. Splashtop. Why did you leave Syncro?

It doesn’t appear to require any purchase. Just remove the partner parameter.

Finding the time to play with it properly has been a pain in the butt, but if it doesn’t need partner status purchase I can roll with that and see about supporting and contributing down the line.

Syncro is great at nothing but good at everything. Its also a huge security risk bundling everything into one combined psa/rmm tool. Were air gapping all of our primary tools now, and also ensuring they are not available to be acessed online (our simplehelp install is only available via VPN).