Clipboard quirks

Anyone else sometimes end up screaming at clipboard functionality? I’m forever copying & pasting from Chrome on my host PC into the remote control window. Most of the time it works but occasionally it stops working - often into PowerShell in the remote session.

However, if I open Notepad on the remote system, it pastes into there fine. Copy it back from Notepad remotely and it pastes into PowerShell remotely fine as well.

So the clipboard is reaching the remote system but is it in the right format? I’m vaguely aware that the clipboard is a little bit complicated due to the requirement to not just carry text.

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Yes, I am seeing the same behavior. I’ve never reported it because I’m often using RDP into another local machine so not sure if that was affecting the chain of clipboard copies.

I have this problem in general. Not just simplehelp.
In SimpleHelp if I have an issue I use the option Paste as typed text. Seems to always work.

Indeed - used to be a perennial problem with Citrix XenApp. We used to have a little script that tried to sort that out. And sometimes copy & pasting into VMware Workstation has the same problem. But at least SimpleHelps “Paste by typing” works better than VMware which assumes USA keyboard.

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I have a lot of problems when using simplhelp clipboard, see Sticky Windows Key

In French keyboard, the right ALT key makes special chars like ‘@’ or €, I have a lot of trouble with those.

I know that ‘@’ problem also exists when using RDP sessions (having to add CTRL to make a ‘@’ sign, eg CTRL + right ALT + 0 for a ‘@’)
But this problem is different, characters are not lost when using clipboard, other characters simply aren’t typed.

I’ve asked multiple times the @SimpleHelp for help here.

Please consider asking them too…