Headless agent on Ubuntu 19

First off, I’ll admit that I’m still running 5.0.14 and am due to pony up for another year of support and updates.

My office has a mix of Mac, Windows and Linux systems, most of all work fine with the client loading when the system boots. However, I’m having a few issues with Ubuntu 19.

Ubuntu 15 works perfect. Installed the client service, reboots and when I connect remotely, it is at the GUI login screen.

Ubuntu 19 will only give terminal access until I login as a user, then it will give gui access to the user interface. Is this something that can be corrected by upgrading or is it an issue with how Ubuntu 19 now handles services?

Any suggestions? I did notice that on my console screen, it shows the username of the account that was logged in when I setup remote access on the Ubuntu 15 boxes. On the Ubuntu 19, the username is blank.

I ponied up for another year of updates and support and will post whether or not the new version resolves the issues. Thus far, it looks promising. But, I cannot be certain until I reboot and I can’t until a running procedure is complete.

Nope…no love, thus far.

The reason it isn’t working is because the default GUI has the shade login screen for gnome. So, the simple solution is to install and switch to lightdm and everything works as it should.

sudo apt-get install lightdm

During the install, it will prompt you to switch the default GUI…choose lightdm, let it finish, reboot and you are good to go.

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I think the issue is because Ubuntu uses wayland as the display server (as are many other linux flavors as they move away from using X server) - that became the default display server in Ubuntu at 18.10 I think) I believe lightdm uses X as the display server which is what simple-help seems to have been written to work with.

– this post appears to be related: Wayland support

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