Interesting video find

Found an unexpected issue today. Setup 2 PCs for a client, including persistent connection. We are on 5.3.4. After setting up the first, I left it powered on and moved the monitor (display port) to the second. After rebooting the first, I could access it, but the screen stayed black. Could not get into it.
My guess is on newer PCs, the video port stays off to ‘conserve power’?

This is actually pretty common with a lot of remote software and is not limited to simplehelp or the OS version.(linux,windows mac, all affected ) A request to support may be appropriate. They may be able to include a workaround in a later version if enough people request the ability to control the machine of a headless desktop.

For now, you will need a dummy adapter for monitor emulation if you want to run headless.
Here are 2 examples:

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Thanks. I’ll keep that adapter in mind for future use. I worked around this by just having the PCs in question hooked up to LAN and a spare monitor for final prep. This was an unusual circumstance of wanting to stage onsite for final preps.

What’s curious is I have 2 older PCs in my office running headless. Granted the video is older tech (display port, I think)…

We have to use these on remote support laptops where shut the screen thus causing the screen to turn off. Something that shouldn’t really have to exist :wink: