Log folder large size

We’ve check folder simplehelp install on “C:\Program files\Simplehelp\logs”. We found logs foder large size(50GB+). How can we clear the logs folder?

Server Details
Windows Server 2016
SimpleHelp version 5.0.19

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The logs folder will have a bunch of timestamped folders within it. Each of these folders is a server ‘run’.

The date of the folder will have the server launch date and the folder will contains all the logs from that run. If the current log file gets over 1GB in size the server will end it and start a new one in the same timestamped folder but it won’t delete log files produced in the current run.

If you want to delete older logs you can delete older folders within the logs folder (previous runs of your server) or you can also delete older log files within the current run folder (logging from earlier within the current server run).



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Thanks for your explained. The system should have a function to remove both server logs and session record history.

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Generally speaking the server won’t produce such a large volume of logging unless it has been running for a very long time or the server is experiencing some unexpected issue. If your server continues to build up logs of this size I would suggest getting in touch with us by email and we can look into it:


With all due respect, the answer every time has been “clear the logs, and reboot”

Hi Wtfd,

I’m not sure which responses you mean, I see a few recent threads in support with you but the others are from quite a few years ago? If that was the response quite a while ago its likely things have changed now. In the latest version you don’t need to reboot the server to clear the logs, the server transitions to a new log every 1GB so you can always remove older log files and folders while leaving the server running. All the client applications now don’t go over about 50MB worth of logging before they loop and use the latter half of the log file as a circular buffer type log.

If that is the response today I would say its quite likely that either (i) the logging is caused by a bug we have fixed in a later version or an internal version (so you just need to maintain the logs for now and then it will be more normal on the next update), (ii) we agree its too much logging and we have reduced it in an upcoming version (or plan to), or (iii) although it looks useless it’s not and in certain situations we need those logs.

If a server is producing many GB of logs in a day though then (iii) wouldn’t be the case.

Also we will likely introduce something soon to delete older logs in the server (probably a configurable setting in the admin tab) which would mean that you don’t ever have to worry about logging either in the apps or the server.


Hot off the press…


Additionally there have been some changes to reduce the frequency of some printouts that will go into 5.1.5.

We had the same issue. In our case we had access clients with multiple urls for the same simple help web server.
For example.

Our resolution was to cleanup all the Access clients to only maintain a single simple help server web address.