Performance issues and freezes with 5.2.3

Anyone else having general performance issues and general freezes with 5.2.3? Upgraded at the weekend and ever since I keep having to terminate and reconnect. Or close the session and restart.

Also, file transfer speeds are very slow. I’ve given up transferring using Simple-Help and I’m sharing from OneDrive - which then downloads very fast on the client so it’s not the internet link.

Is there a way to downgrade to the older version?

Re the slow file transfer speed - it’s very variable and might be distinctly worse when using the direct connections. Direct UDP always bad, Direct TCP bad right now but TCP appears to be consistently okay.

I’m pretty sure I’ve always used Direct UDP in the past…

But maybe it is the client internet link…

Surely it’s to do with the upload speed of the server you’ve installed simplehelp on. We had a problem at one point and changed providers.

I believed that the Direct TCP and UDP options, don’t go via the server but direct between the two clients. Therefore should have a fastest speeds? But I’m not 100% sure I’m right there.

You are correct. When you are using one of the direct options, the server only acts to connect you to the machine. After that the server is no longer in the equation.

5.2.3 seems to be a step in the wrong direction for sure. 5.2.2 was a better build for us.

I have also been struggling with remote sessions not responding since the upgrade. I’ve had to end task SimpleHelp a few times.

Have anyone heard anything from SimpleHelp support on this? Thanks!

I’ve talked with George once or twice over the last few days. I think they are heads down working on this right now. Keep reporting problems and PLEASE send logs with every report as those logs are very important to getting to the bottom of the issues. They will get this sorted.

Awesome! We decided to stay on 5.1.8 until this issue is fixed. Thanks @Tony

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Been freezing up like crazy!

I hope it’s fixed quickly

I see 5.2.4 was just released today, but I don’t see anything that mentions performance fixes or freezing issues for the technician console. Any feedback?

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I have been using 5.2.4 on about 1000 machines without issue. All good here.

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thanks for the reply @Darrell_Swafford I was wondering how the newer release was going

Just upgraded… no new problems. Still got the annoying “Joining” message that stays on screen long after the connection has reconnected.

5.2.5 is the latest…

Connections are a little slow but 5.2.5 seems stable now. Not getting any complaints from staff any more.


Is the issue of Windows Defender stopping and blocking the client fixed? ( Remote Access Client Installation Issue 5.2 )

We haven’t seen that issue. I ran a test just now on some machines and defender caused no issues.

Just want to point out that we are deployed to 1180 machines of all types.

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