Will not Renew. I have 9 Licenses

I’ve emailed support about 2 to 3 times with no response. No new updates or development. Are they even still in business? Mobile app is so horrible, the support version. The consumer version is nice.

Not sure if you are trolling or not.
Your last post was in Feb 23. You do know that Ver 5.4.10 was released on 10th October 2023.
So there is definitely new developments happening.

Support generally respond reasonably quickly. Maybe you were not clear in your request.

To be fair, I concur with @Ryan_C_Smith - we have 8 Business licenses, but support hasn’t responded to any of my emails either. I’m not trolling just don’t use the forums that often. I posted in a separate group. The releases your referring to are bug driven releases rather than feature driven.

Support always responds to me. It always takes them a day so I don’t schedule any changes to SimpleHelp where I can’t wait a day for response if something goes wrong.

For a long time, I was running on an old AWS Windows Server 2008 instance. Last year I moved to an Ocean Digital Linux droplet and updated to the latest version 5.x and couldn’t be happier.

Out of the box the app looks more professional when clients go to our support page. It’s running well, I’ve been able now to help people on their phones and I’ve got a few people using Remote Work. The Let’s Encrypt SSL is renewing itself without too much effort on our side.

Right now, I give SimpleHelp 4.5 stars (taking off 1/2 star because they can be slow responding to support requests). Overall I’m very satisfied and think the value is excellent.


Difficult one, product is good, would love to see more active updates though.

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The app is great. But if I’m not in the office and want to use my tablet it’s horrible. It doesn’t work at all. My presentations don’t work anymore. When I try to access a workstation now it always ask for my 2FA code. I’ve emailed support a few times.

I’m running a very powerful Digital Ocean server.

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That should be this I think

I’ve had a response from Chris @Simple-Help just with an issue I had :+1: - normal service seems to be resuming. :slight_smile:

The overall system is good! I like it and what is there works well! I am on a slightly older version pre Oct as I am not sure paying for the new updates would be worth it.

I feel it needs built in patch management and 3rdparty updates as well as the ability to queue scripts when an endpoint comes online. (unless I missed it)

Never heard back from them after uploading my files.

I suggested the ability to queue scripts too! it has the potential to be Altiris " before Symantec bought it" but on the web. Patch management would be great too.

I think I may have figured out a way to queue up scripts.
Check this out.

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