Windows Menus Not Displaying

I just updated from 5.1 to 5.2 on a Digital Ocean droplet. On my computer I run on KDE Neon with the technician app. After this update, when accessing a Windows client, some of the menus do not display correctly. The main start menu shows the list of programs in a very small font, like it does not fill the section properly. When I try to adjust the active hours for Windows updates the numbers to select (hours and minutes) are blank and the menu appears to freeze so that i have to close the whole windows to get out of it. Any help is appreciated. Or maybe some instructions on how to clean any Simplehelp references from my system to start fresh.

This sounds like a graphic driver issue. Can you try disabling hardware acceleration? Was there any recent updates to the computer besides SimpleHelp? We have been experiencing the same issue with a couple of computers and we are still on 5.1.8. Rolling back the graphic driver or disabling hardware acceleration has fixed these issues for us.

HP Elitedesk 705 G4, Ryzen 5 2400GE with builtin Radeon Vega 11 graphics.
It does appear to be a video driver issue. A partner of mine uses ScreenConnect and sees a similar, but worse issue. I have identical units elsewhere with the same driver version that do not have this issue. Windows 10 client with the same build/version number and same video drivers. If I disable the video driver, everything works fine. I have install the AMD control software and tried disabling all the features, but no change. These machines are only a couple days old, but nothing but updates have been installed on them. Any other ideas?

Did you try disabling hardware acceleration?

On the client I have tried disabling all that I can with the display driver, but there is no option to simply disable hardware acceleration. In the Simplehelp session I have “Disable advanced graphics” enabled.

Can you try enabling “Use slower comprehensive capture”?

I have tried that as well. I believe it is an issue on the client side as an identical unit somewhere else works just fine. Plus, another vendor using the ScreenConnect remote software has issues on this unit as well. Though he just gets a black screen until I am able to disable the video driver. I have a couple more of these unit arriving today, so I will test on those and if it happens there too, I’ll reload Windows from scratch and see if that resolves it. I’ll update after that is done.


Update and Solution:

I reloaded Windows 10 onto the machines and during this process, I figured out what the cause of the issue is. It appears that when no monitor is connected to the machine, that is when I have my issues. As soon as a monitor is plugged in, everything works fine. These are my only headless units that I am running Simplehelp on, so I cannot verify this is an issue with any other hardware. These units will only be headless during setup, so it is not a permanent issue for me. For now, I was able to hook up a monitor or KVM to the units for setup.

We have seen this as well. We use adapter this to fix that issue. Thanks!

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I have seen the same thing. Linux, windows,etc. The only fix I have found is the adapters mike posted. Something about how the graphics card detects if a monitor is attached or not. Have had the issue with both nvidia and amd cards.

As I read this I went “ah ha… I’ve come across this before” and it is indeed when a monitor is not connected and the lid is shut on a laptop. Happens with nearly all remote control systems.